Netraclos helps the Hospitality industry to create predictable and secure network infrastructure. From business guests to casual travelers, a Strong wifi connection has become a basic need for everyone. NetraClos strong wifi network solutions provides an environmentally friendly network infrastructure that is ideal for accommodating today’s connected device usage and is easily upgradable to meet current network demands.

High-Performance & Reliable WIFI for Hotels

High-Performance & Reliable WIFI for Hotels

More than 95% of travelers have reported that a robust and secure WiFi connection is their preference when choosing any hotel. With NetraClos’ wired and wireless internet service and solutions, we make sure that all your guests are facilitated with a guaranteed online experience which is stable & ensures a high-speed connection. Interconnecting multiple devices to online streaming movies or sharing files during a video chat session, your visitors and residents deserve the best WiFi hospitality service.

Expandable Architecture

WiFi network needs in the hospitality industry are developing more quickly than ever. NetraClos’ network solutions are fully scalable, enabling properties to update their capabilities as needs evolve to meet upcoming devices, apps, and services effortlessly and economically.

Dynamic VLAN

With a dynamic VLAN platform, NetraClos’ provide each guest with their own private/secure network connection. By providing data encryption and private network technology, you can keep the trust of your visitors and clients! It feels like replicating the quality of online network protections they experience in their home.



An access control framework can add an additional layer of security to your hotel infrastructure. You can monitor the check-ins/outs, and keep a record of it. We aim to provide hotel owners around Toronto & GTA with a better security system to protect assets and provide a secure environment.

  • Monitored and Well-Guarded Access
  • Computerized Keys
  • Secured Entrance Points
  • Tech-Savvy Rooms
  • Smart Lock Automation


Our efficient hotel IP telephony system is integrated with already-existing hospitality apps. VOIP phones are indeed a luxury experience for your guests and staff which leads to an updated, advanced & next level hospitality service.

  • Automated IVR Menus
  • Call Routing/Recording
  • Personalized Caller IDs
  • IP Phones
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Integration With Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Paging System

NetraClos paging system offers a loud and clear one-way communication announcement setup. A network of speakers is responsible for ensuring that messages are effectively communicated to every area of a building simultaneously.

  • One-Way Communication with a Large Audience.
  • Clear and Amplified Sound.
  • No Dedicated Broadcast Mechanism Required.
  • Recorded and Scheduled to Broadcast at a Later Time.



Monitor your hotel everywhere every time. Your hotel’s prime concern is to ensure a luxury, safe and relaxed environment for its guests. You own a place where the guests trust you with their lives, money & assets. Therefore, a CCTV security setup is vital for your structure to protect your facility from the target of vandalism, crime, and antisocial behavior. Get the high-quality CCTV setup for your hotels with HD cameras with advanced features & lifetime warranty.




The bundles of wires and cabling that run over ceilings, behind walls, and into your server room are an integral part of the IT infrastructure that keeps a hotel functional. These wires operate on high-voltage and carry a massive risk of electrocution. Netraclos offers low voltage cabling services in Toronto & GTA for your setup. Low voltage cabling support less current-to-power infrastructural technologies such as phones, security wires, fire alarms, intercoms, internet, etc. As opposed to standard (high-voltage) wires, low voltage cables do not carry the same risk of electrocution. Hence the chances of faults are significantly less as compared to available high voltage wires. Get them now and improve your network security.


Flexibility, reliability, and mobility are vital defining factors propelling the modern office, all of which are brought to the forefront when using a hosted phone system. With an ios and android supported app for mobile use and a browser-based webphone for desktop use: your workforce can connect whenever they want and however they want; this enables employers to become more dynamic and improve productivity by hiring from a rich talent pool of remote workers, whether locally or worldwide.

  • Monitored and Well-Guarded Access
  • Computerized Keys
  • Secured Entrance Points
  • Tech-Savvy Rooms
  • Smart Lock Automation

We Keep Everything Connected

To sustain connectivity for your Residents, visitors, employees, and systems, NetraClos’ Network Solutions install, maintain and take responsibility for your Hotel wired/wireless networks.


Strong & Secure Wi-Fi

Reliable internet access across your property for guests & visitors. Secured and strong connection.


Back-End System Setup

A streamlined IP network ensures reliable & uninterrupted connection for guests, staff & Business meetings.


Conferences Meetings & Gatherings

Ubiquitous coverage including small meeting halls, convention centers, rest areas, dining halls , and more.



The hospitality industry refers to businesses or organizations that offer products and services related to travel, tourism, lodging, and entertainment. It includes a wide range of businesses, from hotels and resorts to restaurants, bars, theme parks, casinos, and event planning companies.

The hotel hospitality industry is a vital part of the global economy since it generates significant revenue and provides employment opportunities to millions worldwide.

The hotel hospitality industry in Canada is closely tied to travel and tourism, as many hospitality businesses cater to tourists and travelers.

Here are a few segments of the hospitality industry in Canada,

1. Lodging includes hotels, motels, resorts, and other accommodation businesses.
2. Food and Beverage include restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, and other food and beverage service businesses.
3. Travel and Tourism include airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, travel agencies, and other businesses supporting the travel and tourism industry.
4. Entertainment includes theme parks, casinos, cinemas, and other entertainment venues.
5. Event Planning and Management companies that plan and organize events such as conferences, weddings, and other gatherings.


The hospitality industry aims to provide a high level of customer service, generate revenue and profit for businesses and stakeholders, and promote tourism and travel. The hospitality industry in Canada also has a vital responsibility to ensure the safety and security of guests and employees.


The hospitality sector significantly contributes to Economic impact, Tourism promotion, Cultural exchange, a positive impact on a community’s social and economic development, and changing customer preferences and market trends by promoting greater understanding and connection among people.


Infrastructure is vital in the hospitality industry for several reasons. It directly impacts the guest experience, operational efficiency, and safety. Well-designed and maintained facilities enhance customer satisfaction and enable smooth operations. Additionally, infrastructure supports scalability, giving establishments the flexibility to adapt to changing demands. It also provides a competitive advantage by attracting guests and differentiating from competitors. Overall, infrastructure plays a crucial role in the success and development of the hospitality industry.


The WiFi systems used in hotels in Canada vary depending on the specific technology requirements. However, some commonly used hotel WiFi systems hotels Canada include Cisco, Aruba Networks, Ruckus Wireless, and Ubiquiti Networks.

These enterprise-grade solutions systems offer robust performance, scalability, and advanced features to handle high-density environments. Cloud-managed WiFi systems like Meraki by Cisco or Aerohive are also popular as they efficiently provide centralized management and control over WiFi networks.


A hotel paging system is a communication system used within hotels to transmit messages and announcements to staff members and guests. It consists of speakers or devices strategically placed throughout the hotel. The paging system enables efficient communication and coordination, enhancing guest service and operational efficiency.


Yes, many hotels in Canada utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology for their communication systems. VOIP has become increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, including in Canada, due to its advantages and compatibility with modern technology infrastructure. VOIP allows hotels to transmit voice and multimedia content over IP networks, i-e Internet, instead of traditional telephone lines. It offers several benefits to hotels, including cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and advanced features. With VOIP, hotels can efficiently manage and route calls, integrate with other communication systems and hotel software, provide personalized guest services, and streamline internal communication among staff members.


The hotel PBX system Canada refers to the internal telephone network that handles incoming and outgoing calls. It is a central communication hub, connecting various telephones, guest room extensions, and external telephone lines.

Get Smart, keyless, digital access for guests and staff. Improve guest experiences with much simpler & fast check-in/checkout.

  • Unique, easy-to-install designs with fully-customizable options that complement your style & interior.
  • Enhanced security, with better automation and process optimization from the mighty Lounge to the back-of-house organization. It can help you save countless staff hours per week. 
  • Integrated with room check-ins, guest apps and complete building automated management systems.

You can facilitate your guests by using Netraclos VOIP services, which provides

  • A one-button easy call to the reception
  • Prompt housekeeping call
  • Scheduling wake-up calls
  • Setting Do Not Disturb notifications
  • Managing check-in and checkout
  • Booking meeting rooms or other in-hotel spaces
  • Making dinner reservations
  • Report lost items
  • Booking spa treatments
  • Arranging transportation

Hospitality professionals have proved that hotel phone systems are an additional beneficial application in their tech infrastructure that offers advanced features and integrates with existing third-party tools.