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Posted by: M. Waleed Sheikh

What is a Smart Blind?

Smart window blinds are an important part of a smart home. They not only enable you to experience carefree windows automation but also adds an important part to your home interior. Smart blinds are undoubtedly a great and innovative idea. There are multiple reasons to install them at your home without a second thought. Let us together discuss how smart blinds for windows can make your life easier and cozy.

Why Should I Get Smart Blinds?

There are multiple reasons you should get smart window blinds, let us help you out by discussing a few of them. 

Smart window blinds free your home from the clutter of messy wires. The blinds wire is not a good experience, especially when you have kids or pets at home. Smart motorized blinds are operated remotely. You can move them using the remote control, your mobile phone, or a touch panel tap. Another liberty that comes with motorized automated blinds is that you can schedule them. Schedule your smart blind to open at 7 am which is your wake-up time and close at 6 pm when it’s getting dark outside. This is the sense of liberty that comes with the installation of smart blinds. 

What Types of Smart Blinds are there?

Smart blinds are categorized on different bases. Let us discuss a few of them.

What are the Types of Motorized Blinds Available?

There are a variety of blinds which are able to be motorized, including;

1. Interior Blinds

automate your blinds

Battery-operated motorized interior blinds have a battery life of one to five years. Since they don’t require the main power supply electric connection, therefore installing the smart window blind is much simpler! Even if you are not at home, these motorized blinds can be programmed to open and close at specific times. They also provide the interior of your house with a lovely, smooth appearance.

2. Roller Shutters

automating your blinds

External roller shutters are simple to operate with a remote control when they’re motorized. Some offer a wired alternative in place of a battery. Additionally, the shutters have a “my favorite” position that makes them perfect for regular use.

3. External Venetian Blinds

regular blinds into smart blinds

External Venetian blinds come in two primary categories, both of which can be motorized. You have the option to experiment with the levels of sunlight you want to enter your home with both the all-metal blind and the regular blind. Find a balance you like, then use your remote control to program your blinds to open at precisely that point each time. Motorized Venetian blinds are a good option if you prefer the “light filtering” appearance of Venetian blinds but don’t want to deal with the hassle of daily adjustment.

4. Vertical Screens

automate your window blinds

Blinds that provide complete sun protection and increased privacy are called vertical screens. A vertical track installed on each side of the window allows the motorized rail system vertical screen to be lifted and lowered. A little, covert box outside your house contains the motor. Additionally, a sensor that is already there makes sure that your vertical screens are lifted automatically to avoid damage on windy days.


Are Smart Blinds Easy to Install?

Blinds in our opinion are better to be installed by a professional BUT you can install them by yourself as well. There are multiple videos available on the internet by which you can easily understand the procedure to be followed to install your blinds. If not then give us a call. We not only can install new blinds for you but also can convert your window blinds into smart blinds.

It is a great way to adapt to homes that are not newly constructed to turn existing blinds into smart blinds. With a sensor and control device, you can easily get it done.

What Components are Involved in Smart Blinds?

  • Adapter
  • ADC Converter
  • DAC Converter
  • Solar Panel
  • Power Capacitors
  • Connecting Cables
  • Power Supply

How do Smart Blinds Work?

Smart blinds are roller or roman blinds which are motorized and can be controlled remotely. The “smart” comes from controlling the blinds using an app on a smartphone. The Somfy TaHoma app is functional on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to control your blinds at home or away.

How are Smart Blinds Controlled?

Smart blinds can be easily controlled through smartphone mobile apps, remote control, or smart home applications. Remote accessibility is a great benefit for everyone because it eliminates the need for manual effort to turn blinds on and off. 

Are there Smart Blind Automation?

Smart blinds are motorized and controlled through automation, that’s why they are also called motorized smart blinds. You also can turn your regular blinds into smart blinds.

What are the Benefits of Having DIY Smart Blinds?

There are many! Trust us. 

  • Comfort is the first one since it saves you from a lot of unnecessary stress.
  • Safety is second. You feel safe even when you’re not home. Your phone can confirm that your blinds are not open. 
  • Energy Efficiency is another important feature that comes with smart blinds. 
  • Clean Home Protect your Furniture, Floors, and Ar.
  • Maximize the space in your Home.
  • Smart window blinds save you time from manually opening and closing them. 
  • Relax environment is something that comes with them. 
  • Smart window blinds adjust with your schedule. 

How to Convert your Window Blinds into Smart Blinds?

We will recommend hiring a professional for this. He will not only connect your smart window blinds with a smart home app but will also make appropriate arrangements to use them with full safety and security. Call us today and get free professional consultation on motorized smart blinds. 


Can I Automate my Existing Blinds?

Yes, You definitely can. It’s a wonderful thing to replace your old manual blinds with smart motorized blinds. It needs professional expertise to motivate them and when it’s done, you will thank yourself every day for bringing this comfort to your life. 

Can I Control my Blinds with my Phone?

Yes, you can use your phone to operate your blinds. NetraClos, empowered by Somfy, allows you to schedule the opening and closing of your blinds, receive mobile notifications, and remotely check and change the status of your blinds.

Are Automated Blinds the Same as Smart Blinds?

By all means, automated blinds are the same as smart blinds. The term “smart” indicates its functionality and remote accessibility. Smart blinds are also called motorized automated blinds.

Are Automatic Blinds Worth it?

Absolutely Yes. You will get remote access to control them. They have a scheduling feature that is programmed so you do not have to worry about what to do next.

How Long do Automatic Blinds Last?

Relax for a decade. It is a long time investment that once has been done will benefit you for at least 7-10 years. Minor repairs may occur but the main smart motorized blinds will last longer than you expect. 

How much does it Cost to Motorize Existing Blinds or Automate Blinds?

The cost of automating your blinds varies with blind type. Blinds automation cost depends upon the fabric you need, designing, length and width of your window, and motorization. 

How do you Install Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds are very easy to install. It would help if you had a motor, a smart device, and a few clips to attach the motor.

  • Attach the motor with your blinds and activate the switch.
  • Read the manual carefully and install the blind with the help of clips.
  • Activate the motorized roller with the remote control.
  • Check the working of the motor through the remote control to see whether the blind is rotating in the right direction.
  • Adjust the desirable position.
Are Smart Blinds Easy to Operate?

Yes, you can efficiently operate your motorized blinds without any difficulty. Blind motorization is very beneficial. Motorized blinds are way easier to manage than conventional manual blinds. The smart motors are pre-programmed and enable you to control the blinds from a remote or smartphone via the smart home app. For example, you can schedule your blinds time to raise or lower according to your schedule simultaneously, or you can operate each blind individually. Automated blinds are an excellent choice for offices and hard-to-reach windows.

What are the Different Options to Control my Smart Blinds?

There are three options available to control your smart blinds.

  1. Remote control
  2. Smartphone app
  3. Motorized wand
Can the Remote Control Multiple Motorized Blinds?

Yes. For more than one motorized blind, we offer a multi-channel remote to control multiple blinds simultaneously and individually. 

How Reliable are Solar-Powered Smart Blinds?

Solar power blinds are as reliable as smart motorized blinds. They store energy and ensure an uninterrupted power supply to smart blinds even at night and on rainy days.

What are the Advantages of Solar-Powered Smart Blinds?

Solar blinds are functional and save up to 30% of your air conditioning cost. They provide necessary shading. They are reliable and power efficient.

Which Style of Smart Blinds is Right for Your Home?

Smart blinds come in many designs, e.g., shutters, rollers, zebra, and sheets. You can select one for your place as your system needs. The Shutter blinds are a good choice for offices and restaurants, while the roller ones are more suitable for your home. The fabric of blinds is also customizable. You can choose a sheer fabric if your place looks bright. The dark and deep blinds are ideal for your conference room where you need a projector. You can also customize your blinds with logos, family pictures, kid’s or pet photos, or with natural scenery. The choice is all yours.

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