Staff Safety Solution

High-security Locking Systems For Senior Care Facilities

Staff Safety Solution: Ensuring Your Employees' Safety

Hotel employees often face various safety threats, whether servicing a guestroom or public restroom area. These threats can arise from visiting guests or unauthorized intruders. Rebuild your team members' trust and minimize your hotel’s potential liability risk by protecting each employee with the latest in staff safety technology.
NetraClouds Staff Safety Solution equips employees with a personal alert device, allowing them to call for immediate help by pressing a button whenever they encounter trouble or feel threatened. This solution ensures rapid first responder arrival during emergencies by pinpointing an employee’s exact location in real-time. By providing precise room and floor details, Vingcard Staff Safety Solution significantly reduces or even eliminates the consequences of any employee being in harm’s way.

  • 100% Property Coverage: No risk of out-of-range hotel areas.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Always up-to-date and monitored by industry experts.
  • Scalable: Easily add new devices and functionalities using the same IoT infrastructure.
  • Easy Setup and Installation: Discreet, low-maintenance hardware and 24/7 customer

How Does Staff Safety Work?

Show your hotel staff that their safety and well-being are top priorities by providing a swift and easy process for requesting assistance when needed. With help always available at the push of a button, employees can better focus on their responsibilities and feel greater loyalty to your hotel brand. 

Three Easy Steps to Enhanced Safety.

Step 1

A threatened employee presses the distress button on their personal alert device, activating an alert notification.

Step 2

The activated alert device transmits a distress signal to the nearest BLE gateway, which then sends the signal via the cloud to first responders and the Vostio Location Solutions monitoring portal. 

Step 3

First responders receive a text message with the room and floor location details of the employee, ensuring a swift and effective response with an accuracy of within 5 meters.

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Protect your employees and enhance their trust in your hotel brand with Vingcard Staff Safety Solution. Contact us today to learn more and ensure your team’s safety

Why Choose Us?

Immediate Assistance

With a personalized alert device, employees can instantly summon help at the first sign of trouble, ensuring swift response times during emergencies.

Precise Location Tracking

Enjoy 100% coverage across your property without any dead zones, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing overall safety protocols.

Scalability and Integration

Easily expandable to accommodate additional devices and functionalities, our scalable IoT infrastructure integrates seamlessly with your existing setup.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Continuously updated and monitored by industry experts, our cloud-based system guarantees reliability and responsiveness round the clock.