Smart Access Lock System

 high-security locking systems for senior care facilities 

NetraClos combines convenience with a high level of security for senior care centers. They provide better security and easier access management for personnel while taking care of the residents. 

VingCard Novel Lock

Experience VingCard Novel Lock, where senior care security meets elegant design. Engineered with advanced electronics, this innovative solution ensures unparalleled safety for residents and peace of mind for families. Its seamless integration enhances operational efficiency while providing a user-friendly experience. Elevate your senior care facility with VingCard Novel Lock, setting new standards in security and comfort. 

-_VingCard Novel
-_VingCard Signature

VingCard Signature

Experience ultimate security and style with the VingCard Signature. This cutting-edge locking system offers a perfect blend of elegant design and advanced technology, providing exceptional reliability and ease of use.  The VingCard Signature ensures maximum resident safety with its intuitive operation and robust security features. Upgrade your property with the VingCard Signature – where luxury meets top-tier protection. 

VingCard Essence

Introducing VingCard Essence, where simplicity meets security.  VingCard Essence offers advanced security features tailored for residential environments. Its minimalist design integrates seamlessly into any space, providing convenience and peace of mind. Elevate your security standards with VingCard Essence, setting a new benchmark in access management.

-_VingCard Essence

Cloud-Based Access Management

Cloud-Based Access Management solution empowers businesses with real-time control over access permissions from anywhere. It enhances operational efficiency and security protocols. With centralized management and scalability, Cloud-Based Access Management ensures seamless integration and robust protection. Embrace the future of access control with a flexible, reliable solution tailored to your needs.

Access Control

You are installing new locks, retrofitting old Magstripe systems, or upgrading from traditional keys, we provide flexible solutions for every community. Our range ensures seamless integration and enhanced security, empowering you with modern access control solutions that meet your specific requirements. 

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Support

We provide the best customer service, with focused support on installation, maintenance, and technical help designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your locking systems.

Improved Security

Advanced locking systems eliminate unauthorized access and limit entry to sensitive areas based on authorization, protecting your residents and staff.

Operational Efficiency

Access management simplifies burdens on administration, allowing staff to focus more on attending to care.

Personalized solutions

We design our systems based on each facility's needs, be it by biometric authentication, smart-card access, or remote monitoring.