Nurse Call Systems

Wired and Wireless Nurse Call System for Senior care 

The Vitality Call System blends wireless and wired technologies, offering a customizable solution adaptable to diverse care settings. Enhance response times and patient safety with our innovative nurse call and emergency system.

Wireless Offers Full Flexibility

Wireless devices are perfect for retrofit sites where wiring is challenging, adaptable to changing care levels, and ideal for residents on the move. Our wireless options include:

  • Wireless Mini-Pendants
  • Wireless Vitality Bands
  • Wireless Nurse Call Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Call Stations
  • Wireless Sensor Outlets for fall and incontinence monitoring

Hardwired Offers Maximum Reliability

Our hardwired nurse call system offers maximum reliability, ensuring consistent and secure communication in senior care environments. With robust connections and minimal interference, it guarantees rapid response times and enhanced patient safety. Ideal for any facility, our hardwired solution delivers dependable performance and peace of mind for staff and residents.

Specialty Monitoring, Apps, and Integrations

Our nurse call system includes specialty monitoring, apps, and integrations to enhance senior care efficiency. Monitor patient vitals, track movements, and receive instant alerts via our intuitive apps. Integrate with existing systems for a comprehensive, real-time overview, improving patient care and staff responsiveness.

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Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Expertise

Expertise in IT solutions, data cabling, and home security tailored for various sectors including commercial, healthcare, residential, and industrial properties.

Specialized Monitoring

Advanced monitoring, app integration, and real-time alerts for improved healthcare management and patient outcomes.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored services to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Innovative Technology

Integration of wireless and hardwired nurse call systems for enhanced patient safety and staff efficiency.