Leveraging the Legacy IT Infrastructure to the Future Proof Modernize Network


The Les Suites Hotel, an esteemed establishment in the hospitality industry, encountered substantial challenges within its IT infrastructure, impacting various facets of its operations. Recognizing the critical nature of these challenges, the hotel collaborated with NetraClos, a distinguished provider of IT solutions and services, to implement comprehensive remedies and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Les Suites was undergoing construction and struggling with outdated IT infrastructure that no longer met their growing needs. Their systems slowed operations, causing frequent downtime, and compromising security. Furthermore, it was an old construction with no conduits or infrastructure to run the cabling in each suite. The cabling must be done through concrete, Ceiling, and drywall. They sought a partner to help them modernize their IT environment while ensuring no disruption to their ongoing business operations. NetraClos, known for its comprehensive IT services, was selected to spearhead this transformation.

Solutions implementation

  • Integrated extensive fiber optic infrastructure throughout the hotel premises, providing high-speed connectivity across the entire facility.

Executed precise CAT 6 Plenum Cable installations:

  • Implemented three Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs)
  • Implemented one Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to streamline and optimize network efficiency.
  • Extended telephone lines, enhancing communication capabilities throughout the hotel.

Deployed the infrastructure to support a resilient Local Area Network (LAN) ensuring:

  • Uninterrupted connectivity
  • High-performance internet access for guests and staff
  • Enhanced overall experience within the hotel.

Set up Guest Room Entertainment (GRE) by running cables, installing, and programming the system.

Provisioned cables in the parking area for:

  • CCTV installations
  • Automating the parking ticketing system via PMS.

Successfully Certified Network Cables using a state-of-the-art Fluke tester, ensuring top performance.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Network Reliability:

  • Overhaul of Les Suites Hotel’s IT infrastructure by NetraClos.
  • Implementation of an extensive fiber optic network.
  • Installation of Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs) and Main Distribution Frame (MDF).
  • Elimination of network bottlenecks and reduction of downtime

Upgraded Connectivity:

  • Upgraded telephone lines
  • Resilient Local Area Network (LAN) ensuring uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity for guests and staff.

Transformed Guest Room Entertainment (GRE) system.


The successful collaboration between Les Suites Hotel and NetraClos modernized the hotel’s IT infrastructure, resolving critical challenges and positioning it for future growth. The seamless upgrade ensured uninterrupted operations, improved communication, and enhanced guest satisfaction. This case study highlights the importance of updating IT systems and infrastructure in the hospitality industry to maintain competitive advantage and operational excellence.